The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

The caped cherry on the fanboy's dream cake?

Thoughts on Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Written by: Johnny Marcondes

Plot: Following the death of Harvey Dent from the previous film, Batman continues to take responsibilities for Dent's crimes. Doing so to preserve Dent's reputation, all while the caped crusader is being hunted by Gotham police. Eight years later the dark knight returns to Gotham, along the way he meets Selina Kyle. Along with Selina Kyle, Bane enters the picture and it's up to Batman to stop him and his plans to destroy Gotham.

What to expect: Like Christopher Nolan's previous films in the Batman series, a modern take on familiar characters have been revealed. While they make look different, if there's one thing Christopher Nolan has proven is that different can be good. Along with taking the Batman universe and modernizing it, you can expect a compelling story. Judging by the extent Nolan went to redefine the Joker in how he was portrayed in films, fans can rest assured knowing that nothing will rely on gimmicks in the final film. From what the trailers show, the movie tends to wrap the audience in suspense as Bane is seen running through Gotham. Throw in the fact that most fans know just how much of a threat Bane is to Batman, The Dark Knight Rises will surely have to live up to its hype.

What we want: Having a compelling story and a satisfying ending to the Nolan brand Batman series is fine, but what do fans really want? Fans want "The man who broke the Bat" of course. Obviously things won't pan out the exact way fans want, for a number of reasons. Including the sheer fact that you can't please everyone. However, if Nolan were to look past this iconic moment from the comics. It would not only be a waste of opportunity, but surely the beginning of a downward spiral. Fans want the ultimate Batman experience, they want to feel as they themselves are immersed in that universe. What we want as fans is to have Bane feel like Bane, we're not necessarily looking for a muscle bound brute in spandex. What fans are looking for is a character that makes you feel the way Bane felt in the comics. Someone who's able to not only physically harm the character we see as indestructible hero, but someone who makes us feel threatened as well. Even with all that venom pumping through his body, what makes Bane truly interesting is the fact that he's not all muscle. Tom Hardy will not only have to physically match Bane but will also need his presence. What we want is a Bane that will challenge Batman on various levels. Fans are looking for the fight to end all fights, that defining moment where our hero is taken down and beaten. The Dark Knight Rises will need to make us believe that we're vulnerable. Catwoman will also have to stand out, both as a seducing and believably independent character. After the last Catwoman movie to be released came out, it left a scar on every fans brain. Although attractive she had nothing to do with what you'd expect, Nolan will have to find a way to not only make her relevant but win the trust of fans over again. Looking through the list of characters being used in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises has all the makings of a perfect Batman movie.

Facing facts: What The Dark Knight Rises needs is to find a quick and believable way to introduce these characters, without spending more time then they need to get to the center focus of the story. With this being the final movie of Nolan's take on the franchise, fans are expecting nothing to be held back. The biggest challenge the movie will face will be in knowing when to stop itself, there isn't enough time to spend dwelling on minor details and dialogue. Meaning that for a film of this stature it's perfectly understandable if a few questions go unanswered. Lasting appeal is going to play a key role, having to live up with the success of the previous film won't be easy. Fans are the toughest critics for a comic book based movie, if it's not exactly the way it's written in the comics they'll complain. It takes a real fan to look beyond their fandom and understand that it's impossible to make a film exact to it's comic counter part. Knowing that, fans have to go in trusting Nolan and his team. Even with all the leaked images that was released online it still shouldn't used to judge the film. Catwoman may or may not be what fans would want, nothing is perfect especially when it's in a film that try's to please everyone. Although not perfect, what Nolan's team has done with the franchise has been undoubtably interesting and entertaining. Despite the fact that Batman sounds like he smokes forty packs of cigarettes a day. All in all, with Gotham being portrayed the way it is and a cast filled with talented actors/actresses there shouldn't be doubt in anyone's mind. Whether or not the film will be good, the real question will be, how good?

Look for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on 7/20/12