Sonic the hedgehog 4: Episode II

Sonic the hedgehog 4: Episode II

Sonic is back in the next installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 series, and he is accompanied by his former sidekick "Tails" and one of the baddest villains of all time Metal Sonic. This is the first Sonic game where Tails not only follows you, but is used for a lot of the games obstacles. By picking you up to fly, swim, or even roll over objects with ease. There is also a pretty good multiplayer aspect where each player takes control of either sonic or tails and helps the other one out. Obviously whoever is playing sonic will undoubtably get away from tails because he is twice as fast.

The story takes place as the evil Dr. Robotnik uses a machine to bring back Metal Sonic so that he can unleash him upon the world and eventually destroy sonic and all his friends, it is up to sonic to defeat the Doc before he is defeated himself.

Visually I have to say this game is amazing, it really gives you that feeling that Sonic Generations did with the old school side scrolling feel along with great cartoony graphics. This is the kind of graphics I love to see especially having modern sonic in the side scrolling world, the game also shoots you back and forth in certain stages bringing you to other areas so it still has that three-dimensional feel to it.

Some pros to the game are obviously all the new gameplay mechanics they have added with tails and the super fun boss fights. The boss in the first area has to be my favorite because it is just Robotnik in a giant robot flower serpent thing and you have to use tails to fly up and hit him, it's just little things like that which add to the experience of these new sonic games which basically are trying to revive an old genre. The biggest perk is if you have Sonic the Hedgehog : Episode I you unlock another episode known as the Metal Episode which allows you to play as Metal Sonic in his own unique 4 stages. Any fan of the series will love this because lets face it, Metal Sonic is a huge badass.

Cons of the game would have to be the repetitiveness, obviously with it being a Sonic game you always have the 2 or 3 levels before the boss fight in which killing him allows you to advance to the next world. To anyone who loves the Sonic series this game is long enough and has enough to do for it to be enjoyable but to anyone else wanting to try it I would have to say it is to short of a game, I expect this because I a huge fan of the series but I could see why others would wish it was a longer game.

All in all I would give the game a 3/5 for its stunning graphics and new modes of gameplay and also the add on episode which requires the 1st one.