Max Payne 3 Review

Max Payne 3 Review

Max Payne 3. (Xbox 360/PS3).

Written by: Michael Caldarola


What is Max Payne 3: Basically the story in a nutshell is about Max Payne, he is now a lot older than he was in the first two games. He is going through a midlife crisis but at the same time he is living the life most college and post college kids live as they do today. That includes going to clubs, drinking, and doing drugs. Now its like Max is acting like that but it's just he is a body-guard for a very rich and famous family in Brazil, so he is in a way forced to experience all these things. I am not going to say much more about the story because I think you should experience it on your own to truly get the "wow" factor for your self. I will say though that Max is a one of a kind character. You really feel what its like to be a man going through mid-life crisis, well sort of. I know it doesn't sound to fun, but once you play you will understand what I mean. Max is a great hero. He isn't perfect, he isn't young, emo, hipster, or a gangster, but he is a normal guy, well besides being a kick ass ex-cop. He has his flaws. He is addicted to pain killers and is an alcoholic. He is still haunted by the loss of his family after all these years and a few other loved ones. He is just a guy trying to live his life and has to struggle through his own personal demons, just like the everyday person. Throughout the game I felt I could relate to him, no not because I'm addicted to pills or I am a raging alcoholic. Even though he is an old man now, he can still kick the shit out of anyone, and he makes Drake from Uncharted look like a little bitch. He gets himself into crazy situations and he admits that most of his choices he makes are stupid. Throughout the game he calls himself dumb but its a big contradiction because the guy is actually very smart, just in a different way. Once you play you will understand what I mean. Max Payne in a nutshell is just a good guy who got screwed over big time, and he just wants to live a normal life but trouble always finds him. He is one of the best characters in a video game, and not to put him in the leagues of Solid Snake, or who ever you fan boys love is just ridiculous. The story is presented to you in an old graphic novel/detective movie style. Max narrates the story himself. It works well. The story is good and you just want to play more and more as you beat each chapter.

Gameplay: Once again its "classic Max Payne." Third Person shooter, plays like the old Max Payne games, which is perfect for me. I personally always preferred third person shooters over FPS, but lets not get side tracked. Let me start off with Bullet time. This is what made Max Payne. Bullet time is just as fun as ever, and words to your advantage in the game. It can also work against you too, if you just activate and sit around and do nothing you can lit up and end up dead at the end of it. Having said that, there are some moments in the game where you really need to do it in order to survive. At the end of each bullet time you stay on the floor until you choose to get back up. This can be annoying at times because at some instances you will be on the floor in the middle of crossfire getting lit up. But once again it can come to your advantage. I found some glitches though, it can be really annoying that when you choose to dive in a certain direction sometimes it will make u dive in the other direction or dive in a real awkward position. It does not happen often but just enough where you are counting on bullet time to survive it happens and boom your finished. It will get very frustrating when it happens. Max can carry two single-handed guns, and one two-handed gun. There is an option to have lock on or your can play with out which will be very difficult. The lock on works well but it is not perfect. You have to be really good to play with it off though. Speaking of that. This game is hard. Now just because it is hard and a challenge I am not going to rate it bad. I kind of like it. Recently games have just been a bit too easy. Max Payne will give u a challenge even on the easiest difficulty. Your going to die a lot and that's fine, trial and era comes into play at some instances but once you beat certain areas you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. You can observe your surroundings and use what ever you can find for cover, or maybe shoot a gas can to get some of the enemies out-of-the-way. The AI in this game is smart. They will do what ever it takes to kill you. They will pressure you by moving forward at every chance they get, sometimes they will surround you, and at other times an enemy or two will try t get around you and shoot you in the back! This makes the game even harder, but in a way I like that, it seemed real. All in All the action is pretty much non stop, its a fun roller coaster ride. One minute you're in a club, then your on a helicopter, on a boat. The fun never stops, and you will witness many events where you just feel like a fucking bad ass. I remember at one events I had to pause and just say "wow".

Seeing and hearing the Payne: Besides the story and gameplay I believe the graphics come close to stealing the show. The detail in this game is so amazing. From being on a Yacht on the Panama Canal to a mechanic's garage in Brazil, everything looks so great. When you're in Brazil it looks like Brazil, when you are in Jersey you feel like you are in New Jersey. I been to Hoboken before and let me tell you its nothing great but holy shit when I was being Max in Jersey I actually felt as if I was there. It really is a beautiful game. The voice acting is great, Italians sound like Italians, Max Payne sounds great as always, Brazilians sound just as good as anyone else in the game. Rockstar never disappoints with the voice acting. The sound track is one of the best soundtracks I heard outside a JRPG. I never thought an action game let alone a shooter would make me want to download the OST. The sounds are just as great as the graphics.

Final Thoughts: Well this was my first ever written review. I hope at least someone  found this enjoyable, useful, helpful, or something. Max Payne 3. Let me say that again, Max Payne 3. Wow this game is just…well let me say, I am so happy I played this game. Now let me get to straight to the point; by no means this is the best game ever made, but god damn this surly is one of the best games I have ever played. Rockstar is genius, Max Payne 3 is a must for all fans of the Max Payne series. Even if you never played the original Max Payne, it's still worth picking up. It has been a long, long time since a video game has really touched me and pulled on my strings. Sure I played a lot of fun games recently, but none felt as powerful as Max Payne. This game made me remember why I like to play video games. The story is close to perfect, It fits in perfectly with the past two games and it's a script that not even the best directors in Hollywood could beat. Story is what makes the game, but that's not all that makes the game. The old school bullet time is back, and yes it is just as fun as it has ever been. I haven't played much of the multiplayer yet, but surprisingly what I played so far, is fun. I did not expect it to be so fun. I am looking forward to play more I can not write too much about it yet but once I play a bit more I will update!! All in all Max Payne 3 has what it takes to get game of the year. I think its one of the best games I played in a very long time, and has a spot in my top 5 games ever played. It is not perfect but its close to it. This game has me coming back for more and more, and I can't wait to start it again on a higher difficulty even though its going to be brutal. I can only hope for a Max Payne 4.


  • Excellent Story/Characters
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Good old fun gameplay
  • Superb Soundtrack and Voice acting


  • Glitchy at times
  • Lock on could be better

Rating: 4.5/5