25 Years of Hadoukens

25 Years of Hadoukens

Street Fighter: 25th Anniversary box set revealed.

Written by: Johnny Marcondes

Fighting fans tighten your headbands and dust off your fight sticks, Capcom has mad an announcement regarding Street Fighter's 25th year anniversary. To think that its been 25 years since Ryu launched his first hadouken, to celebrate what is arguably the best fighting game series in the industry Capcom made sure to not disappoint. Available September 18 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, gamers will be able to own the box set for $149.99. Though a hefty fine, don't let the steep price hold you back especially when you see what you'll be getting.

What you get: A custom designed collectors box with Akuma's kanji, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike OE, Super Street Fighter 4 AE (All costume DLC included), Street Fighter X Tekken (All characters and swap costumes included). That's all whats playable with the box set, along with all those great titles Capcom still packs more in for fans. Along with four games, Capcom also jams in 11 disc's containing soundtracks from the series. Adding in 2 blu-ray's containing documentaries and both Street Fighter 4 anime movies. As if that wasn't enough, long time fans will also be treated with all the episodes of the Street Fighter animated series. The final disc will add one of my personal favorite animated movies, Street Fighter II: The animated movie. Who honestly didn't love seeing Ken under Bison's control bring the fight to Ryu, or that amazingly done fight scene between Chun Li and Vega in Chun Li's apartment. There's more than just digital goods to be given away from Capcom.

Fighting fans will also be thrilled to know that along with all those great digital treats, they'll also be getting a handful of physical goodies to keep them entertained. A 64-page hardcover art book displaying collective works from the past 25 years including fan art, concept art and much more. A light up Ryu statue of the character doing his signature shoryuken, along with the figure you'll also find a replica of Ryu's belt in the set. Any true fan of Street Fighter, especially shoto character lovers will definitely need this in their hands. The last thing to be included in the box is a certificate of authenticity, it should be noted that this box set will be a limited edition item so fans should grab one quick.

Is it worth it? What's the price of nostalgia? Normally I try not to get too personal when writing articles about a product. I try to separate that fanboy in me that gets all excited when talking about it, so I can give a professional opinion without sounding bias. Luckily for me, a personal opinion is needed. I have been an avid fan and player of the series since Street Fighter II for the SNES. For as long as I can remember, Street Fighter has always been a major part of my gaming life. Growing up with an older brother we were always competitive, especially when it came to video games. He would spend most of the round getting in my head smack talking, while I remained quiet and kept at my combos. If there's one thing that Street Fighter has thought me about fighting games is that not all of them play the same. Some franchises such as Tekken or Virtua Fighter rely mainly on first strikes, meaning in a game like Tekken if you get the first hit in it becomes easy to juggle a character. While in Street Fighter, it appears to be a more simplified game but in reality a person needs a certain skill and trait in it to be good. I can't tell you how many hours I personally clocked in over the years playing every Street Fighter title and expansion, mostly because I lost track a long time ago. I've spent years playing as each character, learning them in and out remember all the commands for their special moves and combos. Those who are hardcore fighting game fans can all remember that one time they hurt their thumbs doing quarter circles and zig zag commands. That was essentially my childhood, burning out that layer of skin trying to take my brother and other opponents out. Street Fighter is all precision and timing, while some characters might easily over power others such as Zangief and Sagat. Power isn't everything, everyone in Street Fighter for a lack of better words has a fighting chance to come out on top. There have been plenty of top-tier characters taken down by those who were labeled lower tier, it's all how the character is played which is what makes Street Fighter so great. Being a Dhalsim and Juri player I can tell you first handed that power isn't everything. While most people who face someone who uses unorthodox characters typically go in with confidence, I can personally tell you that it doesn't matter. It's all in the way a person controls that character that matters, each character is unique and fairly balanced but has their share of advantages and disadvantages. It all just falls on the timing and dedication a person gives to the game. As every experienced Street Fighter player will tell you, just because a character is favored over others it doesn't mean you'll be getting an automatic victory. So when asked if this box set is worth it, even if Capcom is just finding yet another reason to sell the same games back to the fans. Basically, the short answer is of course it's worth it. There's a number of reasons why this will be a definite buy, with the price being $149.99 when you break it down it's not that bad considering what you're getting. When combining all those titles, DLC, the figure, soundtrack and dvd's you're actually going to be overall saving money in the end. It's a great bundle to have, even if you already own all the titles every fan should still go out and get it. It's been 25 years of quarter circles and charging sonic booms, I personally recommend this bundle to every fighting game fan. If you've never been that big of a Street Fighter fan you can't help but appreciate the effort Capcom has put out. This is a bundle meant for people who love the series no matter how many times Capcom has re-released it with minor changes, hardcore fans will always support Street Fighter. If you own all the games for the Xbox 360 get it for the PS3 or vice versa. When it comes down to it, it's a collector's item that every fan will need to have in their hands on.