Gamer On Budgets

Gamer On Budgets

Written by: Johnny Marcondes

Last time we did a Gamer On Budgets posts it was for a hand-held, now it's time to return back to consoles. Keeping with the same theme this weeks game will be another fighting title. It's no secret that the fighting genre is one of my personal favorites, growing up fighting games were mostly what I played. Fighting games harbor a pretty rough reputation, if they're too basic they aren't seen as hardcore or competitive titles. Well any game can be competitive if the mechanics of the game are right. While not exactly new titles don’t let their release dates fool you. Each title that will be revealed (once a week), deserves the attention of every gamer. Now at a reduced price, these titles are easily going to give you that bang for your buck.

Mortal Kombat. (Xbox 360/PS3) 

After releasing some, at points questionable games (MK Vs DC universe with no blood?) the rebooted Mortal Kombat is finally here. The long-awaited release of the game which promised to bring back the MK series to its old gory glory has been released. Many gamers who are devoted fighting game fans have played this title, but has it restored fans faith in the series?

Learning from others makes Shao Kahn happy.

Mortal Kombat has been a part of my and fighting game fans life for as long as I can remember. From playing with my brother as a child to watching the movies with my family, ). Mortal Kombat has always and will always be an arcade classic. However with games like the Super Street Fighter 4 and Marvel Vs Capcom series leading the fighting game army, how does Mortal Kombat stand on its own? Did enough change over time to make the once popular series rise again? Well truth be told a lot has changed gameplay wise in the newest installment of the blood splattering series. Mortal Kombat adds a whole new super meter which will change how you play, similar to games such as Street Fighter and their meter strategy comes into play. With the super meter it can do a variety of things, each of which can drastically alter the end results of a match. The super meter can help you pull of longer more impressive combos, enhance your special moves to do more damage, or if you fill it up to the max you'll be able to pull off your "X-Ray Attack". What the X Ray attacks do is slow down the gameplay and zoom in to see your character break the others bones and pierce organs. Along with the new super meter, the game also brings in a tag team mode. Players choose two characters to make a team, while playing you can call your partner in for assistance or tag him/her in. This mode leaves you open to do a variety of things you normally don't think of doing in a Mortal Kombat game. Combos are a big part of this, with your partner you can use an assist and continue your combo into your X Ray attack, giving you a new way to play Mortal Kombat. Everything in the game runs smoothly, the combos connect perfectly, and tag matches don't seem forced or added on as a cheap gimmick. The game itself is uses 3D graphics with the classic 2D fighting system. Running a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3, and an all new fighting mechanic to enhance the gameplay. The features a roster of twenty-six characters to choose from, variety is key in this reboot. With each character playing differently from one another, you never feel as if you're using the same character with a different skin.

Blood, blood and more blood. Finish him.

One of the things that Mortal Kombat is known for is their over the top violence. Gore plays the biggest role in any Mortal Kombat game, giving them their own distinct personality to separates them from the mass of fighting games flooding the market .This game does nothing but live up to the standards that fans set, not only that they take it one step further. The fatalities in Mortal Kombat look fantastic, each character has rich detail to them making every cut worth appreciating. With character molds so realistically designed with veins, organs, and joints you can't help but just appreciate the carnage that is happening before you. Just when you thought Scorpion was cool taking his mask off and burning his opponent, wait until you see Kung Lao use his hat to cut you vertically in half. Not impressed? Picture the same thing happening and add the body falling after the opponents guts, lungs, veins, and spine all fall to the floor. After most fans were disappointed by MK vs DC Universe, which in retrospect wasnt a terrible game it was just far too different and one-sided to DC. For a reboot to a popular series, this new game is nothing but fan service at best. Fans demanded blood, Nether Realm's took noticed and went a step further. Fans demanded gorier fatalities, Nether Realms took noticed and delivered. Along with bringing back the series to a 2D plane, and making it the bloodiest and goriest in the series. Mortal Kombat has more to its visuals than that, offering many modes to keep the players busy and never bored. Online matches, Battle Tower, Story Mode, Challenge Tower and more. Mortal Kombat offers you more than most fighting games out right now, giving you hours upon hours worth of modes to play from and complete.

Did someone order "story" with their "Get over here!"?

When you hear a 2D fighting game has a full fledge story mode you normally just shrug, however Mortal Kombat seemed to have pulled it off. To be honest the story isn't perfect, but it gets the job done and keeps you entertained. Although a decent story, sometimes you'll just find yourself chuckling at how corny some of the dialogue sounds. For example there's a scene where a character says to another character "If you do not let me go.....THEN YOU ARE MY ENEMY!" and the fight starts. However the story does do a good job explaining the history of the series, for those who are relatively new the series you'll get the gist of whats going on. The story takes place after Mortal Kombat Armageddon and returns to the beginning of the series, now taking place in the time lines of Mortal Kombat I,II, and III. But how is this possible? A simple plot twist to which Raiden now knows what happens in the future and tries to alter the events that lead up to that. As far as fighting game stories go this isn't bad, in fact I was personally entertained the whole way through. The one major problem that holds the story back has nothing to do with gameplay surprisingly. The ability to skip to cut scenes is unavailable, why is this such a big deal? You're forced to watch every cut scene that happens without the choice to skip it or pause it. If you leave and restart the story mode, you will have re-watch the same scene again. It's not bad in the sense that it affects the game, it's just really annoying to have to sit through at times. The story mode does a good job in letting you play with a variety of characters, so you won't be bored going through the entire story with the same character.

Reliving childhood memories of biting, tossing and wanting to break controllers. Now as an adult.

It just wouldn't be a fighting game if it didn't get your frustrated at times would it. Mortal Kombat offers its fair share of moments that make you want to power toss your controller aside. For example during the story mode you will be pinned in a handful of two on one battles. These handicap battles play like a regular fights, meaning you have to win two rounds. Which would be fine if you weren't fighting two people by yourself, to win a round you must defeat both characters while they just have to defeat you. Characters will openly spam moves at you leaving you at times unable to attack or get around them. These computer players aren't exactly always pushovers too, there will be times where you will have to press that retry option. Two of the most annoying teams you will battle will be Noob Saibot and Quan Chi, when they're not spamming moves at you or teleporting you (Noob Saibot) they will corner you. The other team will be Goro and Kintaro, keep your distance or else with three regular hits you'll suffer 32% damage. If that's not bad enough, when they grab you in a X Ray attack it does about 52% damage way more than yours. Also your moves on them will do less damage so keep upper cutting! Along with these handicap battles you're also tossed into boss battles which are even worse. The final boss battle of the game will drive you to the point of sheer anger. If you're the type of person who gets easily angry, the final boss battle will make you want to put the controller down for a while. With moves coming at you at ridiculous speed at times, hits that do massive amounts of damage, and leave you no other choice but to be cheep and spam moves. It's easy to get frustrated.

Final thoughts.

Although a very different fighting game when compared to Marvel Vs Capcom or Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat stands its own against those two. Giving you that old school arcade feeling that Mortal Kombat games used to give you, and at the same time its evolved into something more. Having a solid new fighting mechanic that allows for more strategy and combos, this is a step forward for the folks over at the Nether Realms. Fans of the series have not been disappointed, new comers will enjoy the game just as much as the fans. With hours worth gameplay and many collectables to keep you busy Mortal Kombat is a great game. Even with its hiccups in the story mode, nothing about this game will get you bored or disappointed. The roster is solid, the game offers a high entertainment value and tons of fan service making this the best Mortal Kombat game to come out to date. It's a no brainer as to why this title was praised by most reviewers, Mortal Kombat not only gave the series a much-needed reboot but it did it in a way that made almost everything about it better. Never loosing that classic touch or its charm it's safe to say this title will be around the fighting circuit for a while. You know a game is good when you go to bed at night and before you shut your eyes, you start thinking about that game in your head. Picturing some of the moves, and start to think of possible combos the next day at work or school. It's these qualities that as a gamer myself, I decide if a game should get a certain score. Even though the game has problems, there is so much it offers and delivers on. With what you get in this game all those small problems can be easily overlooked. If you love fighting games, and love arcade fighters this is the game you should definitely get.


  • A great roster
  • All those brutal, gory fatalities are back
  • Babalities return
  • Plenty of modes to keep you busy (story mode, verses,challenge tower, test your might/sight/ ect, battle tower, online)
  • Enhanced fighting engine
  • The level designs are gorgeous offering you more than just eye candy
  • Plenty of things to unlock (fatalities, costumes, artwork, ect.)
  • The details of characters wounds are amazing to look at


  • Story Mode is entertaining but at times is pretty corny and drag on
  • The boss battles, at points it can be unforgiving and cruel
  • graphics at certain times lose it's sharpness and makes the characters look dull
  • Handicap battles can be unfair and cause frustration (you shouldn't have to rely on doing the same four moves to win : jump, duck, uppercut, repeat)
  • You're unable to skip cut scenes

Rating: 5/5


New - PS3: $37.99

           Xbox 360:  $33.59

Used - Ps3: $19.99

             Xbox 360: $17.92