Gamer On Budgets Pt.3 (Hand-held edition.)

Gamer On Budgets Pt.3 (Hand-held edition.)

*This will be part 3 of Gamers on budgets. To read part 1 click this link and for Part 2 written by Nik McCol click here

Written by: Johnny Marcondes

While typically on the "Gamer On Budgets" posts we show console titles due to their prices. I mean at $59.99 per game, it all does add up so whenever we find great games that most gamers might have looked over now for cheap we share them with you. This will the first edition of "Gamer On Budgets" where the title will a hand-held title. There are numerous titles that just because it's for one system people might see it as inferior. Truth be told great games are great games despite which system it's for. While not exactly new titles don’t let their release dates fool you. Each title that will be revealed (once a week), deserves the attention of every gamer. Now at a reduced price, these titles are easily going to give you that bang for your buck.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D. (Nintendo 3DS)

 Super Street Fighter 4 3D was one of the main launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS. But is this title just a poorly done port of the console version, or does it have more to offer? While this is somewhat of a port, that doesn't necessary make it a bad one. Super Street Fighter 4 3D includes every character you have on the console version, along with alternative costumes. Being that this is an older title, characters such as Oni, evil Ryu and others appearing on Arcade Edition wont be included. Everything from the console version of SSF4 is here, including challenges, trails, trophies and icons to unlock. It may be a port but it's far from a watered down one.


As far as graphics go SSF4 3D looks great. While impressive on a small screen, that doesn't mean it's without its problems. The character models look sharp and crisp, each character looks just as good as his/her console counter part. However the backgrounds have taken a hit. For those who have played the console version of the game, know that the backgrounds should look just as sharp as the characters. Here however the backgrounds feel a bit flat and just dull at times, it should be taken into consideration that due to it being on a hand-held this isn't uncommon. For a handheld version of street fighter, its one of the best you'll get a chance to play. While there have been other street fighter games for handhelds(street fighter alpha series for the PSP). Nintendo and Capcom found the perfect balance for this 3DS port, maintaining its gorgeous character molds while being limited by the handhelds graphics it is really impressive.

(2D image of 3D footage.)
Gameplay is exactly what you would expect out of a street fighter game. The inclusion of the thumb stick makes this even smoother, giving you full control of your character and commands. The top screen of course shows your characters, while the bottom touch screen adopts a new system. Giving you four slots to save any commands you want. Meaning you can fill the slots with your ultra combo, super combo and anything else you want allowing you to access it with a touch of a button. How natural does it feel? If you ever played the iPhone version of Street Fighter 4, having the option to touch the ultra meter to do your ultra combo then you will be somewhat familiar with the touch pad. Personally I didn't find myself using the four touch pads that frequently, however I do see how it can add to the gameplay. Setting certain moves on the touch pad it can allow the player to focus on the timing of the combos, not just memorizing the commands to land them. Each character plays like their console counterpart, meaning you still have the basic controls and quarter circles for your hadoukens. Capcom did a great job adapting the control to the 3DS. (side note, they still include guiles trade mark putting his glasses on and off in the game.)
3D is it a gimmick or is it real?
The 3D in SSF4 3D doesn't look bad, although while not really bad it's not really worth keeping it on for too long either. You can choose to play normally in the same side by side angle as in the console, or the "3D versus" mode where you're put in a sometimes distracting over the shoulder view. Using the 3D in the regular mode doesn't look bad, in fact it makes the character models stand out even more which gives it a nice look. When engaged in the 3D versus mode, the over the shoulder view can be fun although personally I don't see many using it when it comes time to competitively play. While first using the 3D versus mode it definitely isn't bad, the 3D looks solid and game play doesn't change. However while in 3D versus mode, because you do have an over the shoulder view some times it gets in the way of you seeing your opponent. For example you could be jumping in the air, the over the shoulder view sometimes won't let you see the opponent leaving you defenseless and vulnerable to a deadly shoryuken or flash kick. Capcom really did try to make the 3D in the game legitimate and not just some gimmicky add-on. It has its minor problems at time, but overall the 3D in the game looks great even if it's not always needed. While not necessarily needed in a fighting game, it should be noted that if you do plan on using the 3D mode the frame rate of the does drop. While the frame rate might be dropped that's not to say the game will be drastically different. Capcom managed to counter the frame rate loss giving it still a lag free experience (offline).
Packing more than just a punch.
Though a port of a console game, this hand-held experience is anything but a hand-me-down title. There are many modes to try out, although none of the modes with the exception of street pass are new. The basic arcade mode returns and plays exactly like it does on its console counterpart. Super street fighter 4 3D utilizes the same format as the console version on the 3DS. For those who have attempted a "quick match" on the console version know that most of the times it doesn't work, citing unable to connect or other problems. Well that transfers over to the 3DS version as well, although the custom match making does find opponents rather quick. The connection online is good, having experiencing  no lag online the game is truly impressive. That's to say it would be truly impressive depending on your own personal connection, even with Capcom's fine servers it run smooth if your connection is low. One of the newer editions to the 3DS version of the game is ability to earn points. While playing matches you unlock "Figure Points" or FP which allow you to unlock different figures of the characters, why would this matter? Each character figure can be used in Street Pass, along with each character their figure has a certain level rank, health, and attack stats. When your 3DS is in sleep mode and you walk past somebody who also has a 3DS and SSF4 3D, automatically your figures will go against each other deciding a winner based on who has the better team. You are also able to trade these figures with your friends or others via wi-fi. One impressive feature is the "download now" feature, allowing you to play with someone who doesn't have the game, by doing a data transfer you can play with a friend. Although your friend will be limited to only using Ryu, it is still a very impressive and cool feature.
Final thoughts.
Capcom has continued to treat their street fighter franchise with love, although a port of a console game this is no different. Super Street Fighter 4 3D was one of the major launch titles for the 3DS and rightfully so. With its natural controls and various modes it leaves you forgetting its a handheld game. The game is responsive and the characters look great, backgrounds suffer and leave the stage feeling dull and lifeless. With all this praise it's also important to point out its flaws, the 3D may look good but in a 2D fighting game its kind of unnecessary. While in 3D mode at times the camera could be a bit confusing and leave many frustrated to the point where they turn off the 3D. Even with that negative set back it's easy to see why any fan will want or need this game, in the end of the day this is a Street Fighter game and most importantly it feels like it.
  • The character models look great
  • If you're new to the series this is a great place to start
  • Online play is great
  • All the trials are back and icons/trophies to unlock will keep you busy
  • Touch pad can make the game a little more interesting offering more strategy
  • All the characters from the console version are here
  • Figures and Street Pass mode gives you a reason to collect
  • It feels like a Street Fighter game


  • 3D isn't really necessary in a 2D fighting game
  • Backgrounds take a serious hit and end up looking dull
  • If you played the console version there's not a lot of new stuff to see

Rating: 4/5


New - $9.99 - $17.69

Used - $12.50


New - $29.99

Used - $19.99