Nerdy Movie Pick Of The Week. 6/6/12

Nerdy Movie Pick Of The Week. 6/6/12

Welcome back to "Nerdy Movie Pick Of The Week", a post where we talk about some awesome nerdy movies. Some might be newer movies, others might be a bit older or even unknown indie films. We want to share some of our favorite nerdy movies with you. You can either find them on Netflix or through other resources. (We don't judge, pirates are cool). If you've seen the movie we mentioned make sure to like it, or leave a comment sharing your opinions on it.


Written by: Johnny Marcondes


Release date: 3/18/11

Directed by: Greg Mottola

A familiar cast.

Starring common comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz) who also together wrote the script. The film also stars Seth Rogen (Pinapple Express, The Green Hornet) As Paul, Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland) is the director of this film who brings some of his many familiar traits to the film. Both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost automatically have that unique connection they share with each other, having been in many movies together nothing more is expected but that sense of true friendship between the two. The CG on Paul is something to admire, given the fact that Paul himself looks like a generic drawing of the same cartoon and twilight zone-ish alien we've all seen. Even when taking that into account, Paul's movements and facial expressions are top-notch. Scenes where he physically interact with the human characters don't look tacky or fake. You can really get a sense that although you know he's not really there,  it still feels right and real. The movie borrows itself from other famous movies and even parodies it, movies such as E.T, Star Wars (There were countless star wars and star trek references in the movie some were hidden.)

What or who is Paul?

PAUL is a movie about two British nerds who travel to San Diego Comic Con, along the way encountering a foul-mouthed alien. Clive Gollings(Nick Frost) and Graeme Willy(Simon Pegg) are two British nerds who always dreamt of traveling to the biggest comic book convention known to man, San Diego Comic Con. Working crummy jobs and having aspiring dreams to be comic book writers themselves, they want to experience their dreams of being amongst their own kind. Finally drawing enough courage to travel all the way to America to attend the convention, the two quickly find their way into misfortune.

Give a nerd a break.

After experiencing the convention the traveling duo decide to take a road trip to the biggest extraterrestrial spots.(i.e Area 51, the black mailbox.) Along the way our two protagonist begin to enter in a series of "film" events, otherwise known as realistically unbelievable and exaggerated events. For example bumping into two redneck characters who automatically come off as homophobic stereotypical american rednecks (wearing traditional redneck attire, even driving a truck called "The Fuck Mobile" and is immediately hostile). The movie tends to play off certain stereotypes, making the rednecks seem comically dumbed down and our nerdy main characters weak and cowardly. After having some misfortune with the rednecks they continue on their journey. It's not until they actually meet the character Paul that their adventure truly begins and the movie picks up. As the trip to get Paul back home ensues so does the heavy laughs. But of course with every comedic science fiction movie you have the group of idiotic bad guys. This movie is no different, the villains include Jason Bateman as special agent zoil. Bateman tends to surprise you in some scenes, truth be told his character is kind of bad ass. Along with Bateman you have two other agents to serve as the comic relief next to Zoil. Bill Hader(SNL, Adventureland) and Joe Lo Truglio (Role Models) are the idiotic and honestly semi funny agents who tag along unexpected.

There's a lot on my plate, nothing my spork can't handle.

In total the film is kind of hit and miss, sometimes it tends to beat you over the head with movie/sci-fi references so frequently it doesn't give you a chance to breathe and enjoy them. Even with that small problem, the movie in itself is still funny and finds the perfect balance of humor and fan service. As a comedy, the film doesn't do anything new to add the genre but with its solid writing and acting it sure does it all right. Remembering that this is a comedy movie from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost you kind of have to know what to expect. If you liked Shaun of the dead you will most likely think this movie is funny, if you're a geek or a nerd than you will most likely think this movie is funny. The characters might be stretched out and the plot does tend to get out of control from time to time, but that only seems to add to Paul's charm. This is a movie that knows its target audience and knows them well, making sure to please every nerd out there watching one way or the other. Although like most movie's Paul may have tiny quirks, but as a whole its one of the most enjoyable movie's you can possibly see. The humor is there and the chemistry between everyone involved feels natural and organic with none of it feeling forced. If you're looking for a movie to just gaze at, relax and have a good laugh than Paul does just that.

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