Nerdy movie pick of the week.

Nerdy movie pick of the week.

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The People Vs. George Lucas.

Written by: Johnny Marcondes



Release date: 3/14/10 (SXSW)

Directed by: Alexandre O. Philippe 

What is "The People Vs. George Lucas"? The People Vs. George Lucas is a documentary film that takes a look at the man behind many cinematic treasures such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Looking back at the career of George Lucas, this documentary isn't a film made to bash Lucas per say. While the title says other wise, it's more or less an open letter from fans to speak to Lucas. With interviews from every day fans to professional filmmakers and comedians, anyone who grew up a fan of the Star Wars trilogy had a voice worth hearing. What director Alexandre O. Philippe created with this documentary, is both a fanboy driven reaction to changes Lucas made in his beloved films and the realization of his overall career. The Star Wars franchise being the main focus in this film, fans share their personal experience with the brand and express their thoughts on changes made by Lucas.

These aren't the films you're looking for. For those who are too young to of ever seen the original first film, any fan will be able to tell you that what you see on DVD now isn't the original film. While a lot of edits have been made, some way more drastic than others (Han Didn't shoot first!). Along with talking about movie altering edits, fans also reflect on the disappointment of Star Wars Episode I and the rest of the prequels. The original version of the 1977 film is nearly impossible to get a hold of, as the documentary states it's as if George Lucas himself is pretending as if it never existed. Fan's of Star Wars are unique in the sense of their passion, the way they recall each movie and how even the subtle changes to the original films tick them off is truly amazing. Due to the fact that one would have to be an extreme fan to be able to pick off changes and have it personally affect them, a lot of them personally feel insulted about the edits and cuts Lucas made. One fan goes as far to say that he's basically heart-broken over these edits because it's not the movie he experienced as a kid and will never be able to relive it.

The tough road to being a real fan. Over the years George Lucas has edited Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope numerous times as well as the other Star Wars films. With this documentary you really get to see an inside perspective of what being a real fan is all about. Passionate cries of anger and sadness mixed with the honest hearted stories of how a series of films changed their lives. Talking about personal stories and as well as George Lucas himself every fan had something important to say. What Lucas himself felt was that the film wasn't ideal to his vision, meaning he claims to of gone back and edited them for the sole reason they felt incomplete to him. While it's hard to stop the person responsible for so many great films and memories from going back and realizing his dream.  It's that thin line between the discussion of if the fans are holding on to nostalgia too much or if the creator is just abusing his power that's talked about. George Lucas himself has said it was incomplete, but isn't that what made it brilliant? What was incomplete to him was seen as a completed masterpiece to his fans. Then again when you really look at the over all picture, these films are his visions that he chose to share with us. What George Lucas has done going back and re-editing the original films is hard for real fans to handle, we also have to step back and realize that he's just doing something we've doing for years. He's expressing the same love for his films that we are, there are countless fan films and re-edits of all six movies online. Who's to say that the man who created them can't do the same? What this documentary does and does well, is gives devoted fans a chance to speak their minds. Offering those devoted fans to the works of a man they both love and hate, a chance to talk against the numerous changes Lucas made over the years. The documentary isn't meant to bash Lucas, even though many fans display anger over his choices they also thank him for the great memories. Why does it matter, what's so important about a few changes? It matters because by changing a film that not only changed the film industry, but the lives of millions of people is what makes it important. Everyone in the film and any true fan who you talk too will tell you, it's not just a movie. What Star Wars did was change people forever, speaking from a personal stand point I can say it had the same effect with me. I can't picture myself not being a fan of star wars, I grew up as a child who was the product of sci-fi. Growing up playing video games like The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (A game that helped shaped me into who I am today, but that's a tale for another day) and shows like the Twilight Zone and Adams Family. I was always submersed in a fantasy based universe. I've owned Star Wars VHS', DVD's, Blu Rays, video games, lunch boxes, clothes and toys. Seeing every film numerous times, having the series engraved in my head and yes that counts for the prequels too. Star Wars isn't just a brand, it's much more than a series of films it should be viewed the same way as art. Like Art not everyone gets it, some just stand there and look at it and move on but every so often that piece of art speaks to certain people. It inspires them to do something, sparking a certain emotion in that person through its imagery and story. That's what George Lucas has does with his films, not just Star Wars.

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