Time to get in your TARDIS

Time to get in your TARDIS


Whovians rejoice! It's time to take out your sonic screw drivers, fix you bowties, and find a fez! Prepare for adventure, as we travel to worlds unknown trough a bunch of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

Today is the release day of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock for the PS3. Available through the PSN for a mere $19.99 we are all excited. Our very own whovian Johnny Marcondes is working hard playing through the title so he work on a review. Along with The Eternity Clock, Johnny is also working on a review for Capcom's Dragons Dogma.

Be sure to keep checking back daily for new posts and reviews. While waiting feel free to check out Johnny's other reviews and articles. Also be sure to check out reviews by other Nerdiest Cookie writers. Don't forget to check out the post on the discussions page.

-As always, enjoy your cookie.