Top 5 Game Picks Pt 3

Top 5 Game Picks Pt 3

Top 5 games that should on your radar. (Part 3)

Written by: Johnny Marcondes 

The time has finally come to reveal my pick for the number 1 game that should on your radar. It's been hard to pick the finale game since there are so many great titles coming out this year. Truth be told I was dreading writing this article for the sole reason that it's hard to pick just one. There are over two handful of game titles that should on everyone's list, however so I wanted to pick a title that isn't exactly seen by most as a "hardcore" title. With so many heavy hitters like Guild Wars 2, The Last Guardian, Borderlands 2, and Ghost Recon a lot of games go unnoticed. In market that's being flooded with over the top "dude bro man games", it's always nice to give yourself a break and experience a game that might be out of your norm.

#1) Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two. (Wii/Xbox 360/PS3) (9/12)

Disney's Epic Mickey 2 is a game that's more than meets the eye. While not what most would expect, especially when being ranked in a top 5 list. Most people wouldn't consider Epic Mickey 2 a game to keep an out for, let a long THE game to keep your eye out on. As titles get announced and major games get revealed, not to mention E3 being right around the corner I'm going to tell you why this particular game should be note worthy.

Plot: Taking place sometime after the events of the first game, the Mad Doctor whom Mickey had defeated in the first game returns to Wasteland. Once returning the Mad Doctor claims that he had seen the error of his ways and extends his hand to Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. Offering to help Oswald and the others to restore Wasteland, Oswald decides to give the Mad Doctor one more chance. Soon enough things in Wasteland begin to take a turn for the worse, suffering from even more damage than before Oswald and his friends begin to get suspicious. Being suspicious they get into contact with Mickey the hero of the first game, deciding once again enter Wasteland to help his friends. Mickey jumps through the same mirror from the first game and retrieves his paint-and-thinner-spraying paintbrush from Yen Sid's workshop. Entering Wasteland Mickey teams up with Oswald to find out just whats going on and seek the truth about the Mad Doctor.

Why should I keep my eye out for it? Though a Disney title, Epic Mickey 2 is more than meets the eye. Masquerading as a child's game don't let it fool you. The original Disney's Epic Mickey was looked over by many despite generating favorable reviews. Being a Wii exclusive had some hand it, with some minor issue's like camera problems Epic Mickey was over looked by too many people. With its interesting premise and unique characters, the real selling point of Epic Mickey and what will be the major selling point for its sequel is simply the games genre. Being a platformer there aren't many like it on the market, being somewhat of a rarity in the gaming industry. Speaking from a person aspect I happen to miss platformers, thinking that they hold a certain nostalgic feeling to them. Games like Rayman Origins, New Super Mario Bros, and the original Epic Mickey they've all been brining classic platforming back with new twists to the genre. When a good portion of the games being announced and released seem to either be FPS, RPG's or fighting games it's a welcomed breath of fresh air to get a platformer. Bringing back platforming to wider crowd do it's multi-platform title release Epic Mickey 2 is just what the market needs. Genre's like FPS relay heavily on multiplayer so it's a nice change of pace to have a more basic drop in and drop multiplayer experience. On the plus side you won't have an eleven year old screaming vulgarity into your headset, on the opposite side of that coin you'll need a buddy physically present to play with you. Nostalgia isn't the only part of what makes Epic Mickey a standout, with its unique story premise and take on famous characters this isn't just a child's game. Players will be solving puzzles, teaming up with Oswald who isn't just a tossed in sidekick to point out clues. Along with Mickey's paint thinner and brush, Oswald will have his own device and set of skills that'll change the way you play. Being able to zap enemies and take control of them for a while can come in handy, as well as spin his ears like a propeller  to take flight. The unique tag team gameplay mixed with some improvements from the first title as well a sub team devoted to fixing the camera issue should show hard Disney is working. There's a reason why this game is ranked number one on the list, if you're not convinced that it deserves to be yet then hang out.

 Surprisingly enough what won me over was the fact that I fear this game won't get the attention it deserves. It's easy to write about a game everyone is excited about, or even about a game that has a more adult theme. The real challenge comes from trying to get people to open their eyes and realize that the genre and rating of a game doesn't matter. Looking at Disney Epic Mickey 2 side by side to Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 it's easy to tell which one most gamers will pick up. But why is that? Why should gamers limit themselves to genre's and sequels from a game that plays just like the last. Why settle for games that just rely on gun shooting and hiding behind trenches, when there are vastly different titles out there that offer the same level of excitement. Most gamers have this certain bravado when it comes to games, if they see a title that has a cartoony presence they dismiss it as a game for children or not a "core" title. Is that really fair? Games are created to be played, to have fun with, why should it matter if someone who's younger than you enjoys a game and you enjoy it too. When it comes down to it I see it as if something is fun, then it's fun plain and simple. Disney's Epic Mickey is just that, a fun title that incorporates both a childish aspect with subtly mature contexts in a game that allows gamers of all ages enjoy it. There are plenty of reasons to reasons to check out Epic Mickey 2, as a gamer it's up to you to go out and experience games for yourself. No amount of posts or a ranked list will connivence you of anything only help steer you in the right direction. Anyone who considers themselves a true gamer knows that games are meant to be played, even with all the positive reviews and praise a title can get it doesn't quiet justify it. Look forward to Disney's Epic Mickey 2 to be released sometime in September, Disney title or not don't let grace past this title. In an industry being powered by masculine titles that ooze violence and cliché, it's nice to know that there are still games being developed for the sole purpose of entertainment. Not having to rely on gimmicks just the creativity of a team that loves their job, everyone needs a game they just sit down and play without worrying too much. For that reason, Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two ranks number 1 on my top 5 list.

As always, enjoy your cookie.