Top 5 Game Picks Pt 2

Top 5 Game Picks Pt 2

Top 5 games that should on your radar. (Part 2)

Written by: Johnny Marcondes

#2) Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch. (PS3) (Q1 2013)

Fans of JRPG's should be glad to know that this foreign beauty is well on its way to the states. While not exactly new overseas, Ni No Kuni is surely a title that'll please any JRPG fanboy and gamer alike.

Plot: Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch follows a young child named Oliver, a young boy who lives at home with his mother named Arie. Oliver ends up sneaking out of his him one afternoon and things take a turn for the worse. Oliver becomes victim of an accident that causes him to nearly drown. With a brave act from his mother Arie, she rescues her son life with a grim consequences. As Aries unexpectedly dies during the incident, leaving her son Oliver all alone. A doll given to Oliver by his mother is brought to life from the childs tears. The doll who reveals himself as a male fairy named Drippy gives Oliver a book which he uses to access magic. Drippy begins to tell Oliver that there's a parallel reality in which his mother might be alive.

Why should I keep my eye out for it? There's a long list of reasons why this title should be on everyones radar. With it's beautifully fluid visuals appearing as if it's coming straight out of a Hayao Miyazaki film. There isn't a doubt in anyone's mind that the game is beautiful, visuals alone aren't the only reason to be excited about Ni No Kuni. While appearing as if it's a child game from its animated visuals, what makes the game truly orignal and interesting is the story. With a dark and adult undertone to the story, mixed with childish wonder Ni No Kuni will offer gamers of all ages something to be drawn too. While first coming out as a DS title and then announced as a PS3 title, Level-5 studios started to build the game up from scratch. Doing so many people can rest assured knowing they won't be getting just another port of a handheld, but a full on new experience. Those who consider themselves fans of the JRPG genre will be glad to know that all the elements they love are present. From the vivid colors to its unique story Ni No Kuni is taking the JRPG scene by storm. Coverage for the title has grown over the past few months and new videos have surfaced showing their unique take on JRPG battle systems and gameplay. Not much has said to describe the gameplay other than it feels more like a "new form of" RPGs. With a vastly beautiful world to explore both in it the reality and parallel world the game offers, each side of the coin is just as fascinating as the other. Players will get to free roam around both worlds, solve puzzles and cast magic. The voice acting for Ni No Kuni is just as amazing as the game it portrays. With dialogue feeling sympathetic to the characters and bringing life to each character it's surely going to please everyone. The game itself moves in harmony with the tone it displays. Drastic, charming, mystical and creative there isn't anything this title doesn't offer. Those who are fans of films such as Howls moving castle, ponyo and KiKi's delivery service might be drawn to the games aesthetics but will surely stay for everything else. If you haven't heard or looked into Ni No Kuni then you're doing yourself a disservice both as a gamer and anime fanboy. Ni No Kuni is surely shaping up to be a memorable title and in my opinion a possible game changer for JRPG's.

Check back tomorrow to see what the number 1 game that should be on your radar will be.