Top 5 game picks

Top 5 game picks

Top 5 games that should on your radar. (Part 1)

Written by: Johnny Marcondes

#5) Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. (PS3 (5-22-12) /PS Vita (6-13-12)/ PC (TBA ).

Whovians rejoice, straighten your bow ties and put on your fez! The Doctor is coming to a console and hand-held near you traveling through some form of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff to bring you a surprising experience!

Plot: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock follows The Doctor and River Song as they travel in the TARDIS trying to save the Earth by going to The Eternity Clock. A planet that harbors the records of everything that has happened and will ever happen in all of creation. Along the way, The Doctor bumps into some familiar foes such as the Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians and The Silence.

Why should I keep my eye out for it? Anyone who considers themselves a fan of the series will already have their eyes on this game. With a home console game of one of the most popular sci-fi shows to be created it's hard to over look it. Those who aren't as heavily invested in the series will still have something to look forward too. The game offers some classic platforming action reminiscent of Shadow Complex with unique puzzles to solve. Where the game will truly shine will be in the voice acting and possibilities. Matt Smith and Alex Kingston not only lend their voices for The Doctor and River, but also their likeness. The characters in the game feel and look just like their real life counterparts, with mannerisms that reflect the on-screen characters this isn't just another thrown together title trying to make money off of a profitable brand. The game also lets you make decisions that will alter the story and lead to "multiple possibilities", doing so adds replay value to the game. The game offers multiplayer allowing a friend to take control of River Song who will play vastly different from the Doctor, which will ultimately offer different possibilities for solving puzzles. Running on Unreal Engine 3 this downloadable title will not only looks visually stunning, but it'll be overall impressive. With BBC having their hands involved in the game there's no doubt in anyones mind that the story will nothing short of entertaining. Whovians will be excited to know that two brand new, never before seen monsters will be introduced in this title. Get your sonic screwdrivers ready, this is shaping up to be promising.

#4) Lollipop Chainsaw. (Xbox 360/ PS3) (6-12-12)

From the twisted mind of Suda51 comes Grasshopper Manufactures newest title. Zombies, cheerleaders, gore and rock and roll what else does a title need?

Plot: Lollipop Chainsaw follows high school student, cheerleader and zombie hunter Juliet Starling and her boyfriend or what remains of him. Along with her sidekick consisting of her boyfriends severed head which is still alive, Juliet takes on hordes of zombies in her high school. Severing her own boyfriends head in an attempt to save him after a zombie bite, Juliet and her love continue to take down zombies in both twisted and creative ways. Being attacked by a group of "rock and roll lords" zombie that were former students that were turned into intelligent zombies.  Juliet must weave past them to get to the source of the outbreak, a former classmate and evil goth sorcerer named Swan.

Why should I keep my eye out for it? Zombie games are typically one in the same most of the time. Once you've run through one horde of mindless zombies you ran through them all, right? Wrong. Lollipop Chainsaw is a unique title following familiar themes. While still a hack and slash game, what separates itself from other zombie titles is that it doesn't take itself as serious. What Lollipop Chainsaw tries to do is have a good time, from the creative mind of titles such as No More Heroes and Killer7 this title should on everyone's radar. With gameplay reminiscent of No More Heroes this game is going to be much more than a clone of other zombie or hack and slash titles. Saving students being attacked by zombies will fill up Juliet's Star Meter allowing her to use special attacks, if you ever played any Suda51 game then you'd know those special attacks are worth it. The game offers a great soundtrack consisting of metal to heavy rock songs being produced by Mindless Self Indulgence's Jimmy Urine. Along with a great soundtrack the game also offers different ways to play it, you can either run through the game hacking away at zombies or play in a more creative way. By using Juliet's boyfriend Nick she can place his head on the decapitated bodies of zombies to take control of them. While that may be cartoony it still offers more than one way to play which up's the fun and reply value. Plan and simple, when it comes to creative underrated games Grasshopper Manufacture is leading the market. While underrated and looked passed upon by most people, this is a title that deserves your attention and at least a try.  If you're looking for a fun title and some comical dialogue, anime reference and gore in a single title then this is the game for you.

#3) Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. (PS3) (TBA)

Sony's biggest surprise and what could possibly be their most successful title to be released on the Playstation 3 ever has been announced.  Every Sony fanboy/girls dream has been revealed and is taking storm in the hearts of gamers! EXCITEMENT!

Plot: No plot has been revealed.

Why should I keep my eye out for it? Where to even begin! For those of you who might be asking "What is this game exactly?" well you're in for a treat. Ever wondered what it would be like if there were a Super Smash Bros. game but with Playstation characters? Well wonder no longer! By taking some incredibly popular and famous characters from previous Playstation titles such as Kratos from God Of War, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal and even Parappa from Parappa The Rapper Sony matches them all up in a beat em up fighter. With gameplay being similar to the Super Smash Bros. series in terms of its layout, characters on-screen and fighting style Sony takes it a step further. While not much is known about the title yet besides the handful of characters revealed for the roster and teaser trailer, much is left to speculation. So far heavy hitters such as Kratos (God Of War), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Parappa (Parappa The Rapper), Sly (Sly Cooper), Fat Princess (Fat Princess), and Mael Radec (Killzone) have been announced. Leaving much to speculation such as if there will be a story mode, further character announcements and if a PS Vita version will be released. From what the trailer and images online showed, the game seems to be more like Battle Stadium D.O.N than Super Smash Bros. Battle Stadium D.O.N is a Japanese exclusive fighting game that pits together famous anime characters in the same fashion. Anyone who's a fan of video games in general should be interested in this title, showing enormous potential this is exactly what Sony needs to help not only draw in a greater crowd but to have more console buying exclusive titles.

This ends part 1 of the top 5 games that should on your radar. Check back tomorrow for the final 2 titles to be revealed! As always, enjoy your cookie. For it is a lie.